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Firetrace has been designed for simple installations, often very near the source of a potential fire. It is a self-activating suppression system that reliably suppresses fire in seconds.

Firetrace provides a low maintenance, cost-effective solution to the problem of “micro-environment” fire protection.[/vc_column_text]

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Fire Security Systems


FSS products have been developed to stop fires on electrical cable, electrical cable penetrations and structural Steel.

By combining fire stopping, fire retarding, and fireproofing materials and methods,this complete system has been engineered to …

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The analogue addressable & conventional systems available combine sophisticated functionality with simple operation, easy to install and a very aesthetically pleasing design with its core philosophy dedicated to improving life & property safety.
From one of the Worlds’ leading …

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Ceasefire’s proprietary CFF technology combines the extinguishing power of two highly effective agents for faster suppression and greater.

The CFF 800 is a dual agent, heat activated fire suppression module. It combines its unique ABC powder with DuPont’s FE-227™, …

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