Xtinguish Limited

Our vision is to be a premier choice fire protection and safety partner, offering a broad range of cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Fire Protection in Micro-Environments Using Firetrace System

We utilize new technology in fire detection and suppression equipment which has revolutionized the protection of the micro-environment. Systems from Firetrace International use linear, pneumatic heat detection from a flexible, pressurized tube that is routed throughout a piece of vital equipment.

Intelligent Fire Detection using Hochiki Systems

Xtinguish uses Hochiki’s intelligent range of automatic fire detection and alarm equipment. The systems are designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering life safety products and systems of incomparable reliability. This extensive range of products includes high performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules, and ancillaries.

Emergency Evacuation Lighting using FIREscape

FIREscape is an intelligent, low-voltage, emergency lighting system that incorporates the latest in LED and battery technologies. Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK, the system is based around an emergency lighting control panel with battery backup and features addressable, self-contained luminaires and signage interconnected via traditional extra low-voltage cabling.

Fire Suppression System
Automatic Linear Pneumatic Detection & Extinguishing System for small enclosures and equipment
fire alarm detection
fire retardant coating

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HFP System

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