About Us

who we are

Xtinguish Limited is an independent company dedicated to deploying the best, most up-to-date fire protection infrastructure for customers across Kenya. Our specialty is total fire protection and we offer solutions across all industries. We have built strong strategic business alliances with global leaders in the fire protection industry, thus giving us access to the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions in the industry. Relying on their global research and development capabilities spanning over 40 years, we offer superior products and solutions, which have met very stringent health, environmental, and safety standards worldwide. Our products that we offer have Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval and are mostly manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 quality systems.

01. Our vision

To be a premier choice fire protection and safety partner, offering a broad range of cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

To achieve this vision Xtinguish will pursue the following objectives:

  • Recommend and deploy only world-class products, which have the relevant certifications, especially Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM).
  • Continuously review our portfolio of products and solutions, to ensure that they remain cutting edge.
  • Seek to engineer a paradigm shift in the safety culture, across all industries away from a reactive, to a pro-active, risk-based culture.

02. our mission

To recommend and deploy specialist fire protection products and solutions that deliver superior value to our customers.

 Xtinguish will achieve this mission by:

  • Deploying high-quality products and solutions that are : (a) Technically Superior, (b) Environmentally Sustainable, (c) Provide a safe environment for humans.
  • Ensuring a good understanding of the client environment before recommending solutions.
  • Recruiting high calibre staff and ensuring they are supported in developing the skills to provide world-class service.
  • Investing heavily in internal ‘Health and Safety at work’ initiatives.

03. our value

The following are our core values:

  1. Quality: committing to offer reliable products and services, deployed as per manufacturer specifications, and upholding applicable standards. The overall goal is to exceed customer expectations.
  2. Team Work: acknowledging that achievement depends on both individual effort and teamwork and on partnership and collaboration with other parts of the company.
  3. Innovation: accepting change positively, responding flexibly to new challenges, and pushing further the frontiers of creativity.
  4. Integrity Always: valuing professionalism, honesty, and confidentiality in all dealings and honouring our commitments to our customers, distributors, and to each other.
  5. Safety First: pledging that safety is a basic principle in all the work that we do, creating a workplace with no accidents or incidents, supporting one another to achieve an awareness of safety all the time.
  6. Environment: taking seriously our obligations to conserving the planet, carrying our customers along, as we recommend solutions.