Fire Stopping

Firestop Compound

Firestop compound is a specially formulated gypsum based mortar, which is mixed with water to be troweled or poured around service penetrations. FS20 controlled swelling effect to provide a non-shrinking, homogeneous and smoke gas-tight fire seal for cable penetrations. Most mortars shrink during drying and curing. FS20 Mortar expands while it sets (up to 3%), ensuring a tight and crack-free seal.

When mixed to pumping consistency, FS20 Mortar will not run or sag, allowing easy build-up of material inside a wall opening, whereby for smaller openings, shuttering is only necessary on one side.

Mortar has been rated up to 360 minutes fire resistance at various thicknesses as per all important standards.

FS20 Mortar is a blend of inorganic binders, fillers and lightweight aggregates, interlaced with special additives and agents. FS20 Mortar may be used wherever a fire resistance up to 360 minutes for cable penetrations is specified. FS20 Mortar is preferably used for floor penetrations but, because of its non-sagging properties, is also easily installed in wall penetrations.

Firestop Panel System is used for Fire-Stopping mechanical and electrical services where they pass through fire rated walls. Firestop Coated Panel System provides up to 4 hours fire protection.

FS21 Firestop Coated Panel System comprises of three elements:

  • FS21 Firestop Coated Panel (1200mm x 600mm x 50mm)
  • FS21 Firestop Acoustic Intumescent Sealant
  • FS21 Firestop Ablative Coating

Firestop Coated Panels are manufactured by spraying high-density rock fiberboard with a fire rated ablative coating. The coated panels are simply cut and friction fitted between the services and the edges of the structure. Plastic pipework needs to be sealed with FS23 High Expansion Intumescent Sealant or sleeved with Insulated Fire Sleeves prior to installation of the coated panel system.

The Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is used as an adhesive on the edges of the panel to form a barrier with surrounding structure. All joints in the barrier are pointed in with Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to form a monolithic layer. The Ablative Coating is largely used to repair any damaged coating or for a more aesthetic finish. In plasterboard partitions, the panel must be fitted to both sides of the wall to fire protect the studs. The panels can be fitted by either a patrice fix or by being cut into openings. For large floor openings we would advise using FS21 Firestop Compound.

Fibre Migration

Firestop Coated Panel System will not allow fibre migration as all exposed edges of mineral fibre are encapsulated with an acrylic based polymer.


Install FS21 Firestop Coated Panel System to provide up to 4 hours fire rating to all service penetrations passing through all fire rated walls

FS22 Intumescent Firestop Pillows will provide up to 4 hours Fire Protection to metal services and cables passing through compartment floors and walls.

FS22 Intumescent Firestop Pillows are simply packed tightly in between penetrating services and the wall. In a floor, pillows are additionally supported by means of a mesh support system (see technical data sheet).

Under fire conditions, the pillows expand several times their original volume to form an effective seal around service penetrations. Pillows are suitable for use with:

  • Metal Pipework
  • Cable Trays
  • Electrical Trunking (inside and outside)


Install FS22 Intumescent Firestop Pillows to provide up to 4 hours fire protection where services pass through fire rated walls and floors.

FS23 HE Intumescent Sealant is recommended for use where a flexible and durable fire resistant seal is required. In the event of fire, the sealant exerts a positive pressure to make a joint, smoke, gas or water tight seal. FS23 HE Intumescent Sealant will provide up to 2 hours fire protection.

Suitable applications include:

  • Combustible and non-combustible pipes
  • Cables (single cables or bunches of cables)
  • Other permanent services
  • Suitable for masonry/plasterboard walls and concrete floors


FS23 HE Intumescent Sealant is an easy to apply waterborne acrylic emulsion sealant containing graphite which expands at temperatures above 135ºC sealing around various penetrations and services to prevent the passage of smoke and flames.

FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is suitable for sealing joints and service penetrations in fire walls, partitions, fire rated door frames and glazing systems. FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant provides up to 4 hours fire protection in joints of up to 30mm wide. In addition to the fire rating the sealant may be used to seal joints in party walls to provide an acoustic seal.


FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant provides a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of up to 57dB. Please consult our sales office with details of:

  • Type of construction
  • Required acoustic rating
  • Size of joint

Air tight and smoke seal

Acoustic Intumescent Sealant will provide an airtight and cold smoke seal.


FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant is a high specification, one part water based acrylic sealant, extruded from a cartridge loaded into a standard sealant gun. The depth of the joint will depend on the gap to be filled and the fire rating required (see fire rating).

All surfaces must be thoroughly clean and free of bond breaking contaminants prior to application of the sealant. No priming is required for most construction substrates; however, it is recommended that a small area be tested on substrates.

The sealant should not be applied if the ambient temperature is below 5ºC as adhesion will be impaired. The sealant is fast curing approximately 15 minute tack free time. When fully cured, the sealant is over paintable. Under fire conditions the sealant forms a fire resistant ash.

Install FS23A Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to provide up to 4 hours fire protection in all joints up to 30mm in all firewalls.

FS24 Intumescent Firestop Collars provide a simple and effective method of fire stopping plastic pipework where it passes through compartment walls and floors. FS24 Intumescent Firestop Collars will provide up to 4 hours fire protection.

General benefits

  • Simple to install
  • Water resistant
  • Available to suit pipe sizes ranging from 55mm to 250mm outer diameter
    3rd Party Certificated

FS24 Intumescent Firestop Collars consist of a powder coated steel sleeve containing a flexible graphite based intumescent liner manufactured to suit the pipework to be fire stopped.

Integral toggles are opened up and the collar is simply fitted around the plastic pipe. The toggles are closed and the collar is pushed flush to the surface of the wall or underside of floor. The collar is then securely fastened to the structure by means of fire resistant fixings threaded through fixing tabs. Annular gaps around the pipe of up to 15mm should be filled with FS23 HE Intumescent Sealant. For annular gaps greater than 15mm FS20 Firestop Mortar can be used. Under fire conditions the intumescent material swells filling the void left by the burnt out plastic.