Xtinguish Limited is a locally owned company based in Nairobi. We have built strong strategic business alliance with world renowned companies in the fire protection industry. We are specialized in fire protection and offer solutions for industrial facilities and public buildings. We are the sole authorized distributors of Fire Security System of Canada (Protective coating for electrical cables, Mortar Seal for openings/penetration/ducts), Firetrace of USA (In-Cabinet Automatic Fire Suppression System), Ceasefire of USA (Dual Agent Overhead Extinguisher) and Hochiki UK (Fire detection & Alarm System)

Relying on their research and development capabilities spanning over 40 years, we offer superior products, which have met very stringent health, environmental and safety standards worldwide. All our products are FM and UL approved.

We specialize in fire risk assessment upon which we generate balanced fire protection solutions which in conjunction with our client’s input forms the basis of our products recommendations. Once agreements have been entered into we will provide the products and our team of professional installers will be on site to install the product strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

Protection Simplified

Our Mission Statement: To  supply install and maintain technically superior fire products to meet the needs of owners, designers, insurers and operators of buildings, structures and plants for specialist fire protection.

Why use Xtinguish Products?

Reasons why you should use our products”

  • Xtinguish advocates for a balanced approach to fire protection. Employing both active and passive measures will give you more effective protection against fire.
  • After the installation of our products you some of our clients have mananged to negotiate for lower insurance premiums. Our products substantially reduce your fire risks and saves the lives of your staff and property
  • Our products are tested and certified the world over and are used by some of the world’s leading institutions. Our products have been installed in over 200,000 institutions worldwide.
  • We offer you world class global products, with world class local support; a truly awesome combination. We have well trained dedicated staff who have undergone training both locally and internationally. We adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications & standards on all our products.
  • All products are FM and UL approved and have attained numerous international certifications.
  • We are the sole authorized agents for the manufacturers and we receive technical support from them